Code Like a Journalist

Hi! đź‘‹

My name is Nael Shiab. I am a computational journalist (opens in a new tab) based in Montreal. I work for CBC News as a Senior Data Producer.

This website will be a free, open-source online data analysis and visualization course using JavaScript/TypeScript. It will be available in English and French.

I'll work on it with the help of Jean-Hugues Roy (opens in a new tab), journalism professor at UQAM. Thanks to the support of the Michener Awards Foundation (opens in a new tab), I plan to take several months off from my current job to fully focus on building the course.

The lessons will be tailored for journalists, but I hope anyone interested in answering questions of public interest with data and code will find it helpful.

To allow teachers and professors to reuse the course with their students, the content is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License (opens in a new tab). The only condition is to give appropriate credit with a link to the website (opens in a new tab) or its code repository (opens in a new tab).

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